Quatsch in English

Strictly Stand Up – The English Comedy Night

hosted by Christian Schulte-Loh

Get your London and New York comedy feeling now live here in the city: Exclusively for Strictly Stand Up we’re having first-class club comics from all over the world fly to Berlin for one night only! Look forward to our Halloween Special with:

Alistair Barrie (United Kingdom)
David Deery (USA)
Imran Yusuf (United Kingdom)
Spotlight Berlin: Vincent Pfäfflin (Germany/USA)

Alistair Barrie (UK)
Alistair Barrie is one of the top headliners on the international comedy circuit and has performed in over 40 countries. He is a regular at London’s world-famous Comedy Store and a core member of their weekly topical ‘Cutting Edge’ team. He has made countless appearances at UK Festivals including Glastonbury, Latitude, Bestival and Green Man and taken several solo shows to Edinburgh. We’re thrilled to have him here for his debut in Berlin.
“Barrie’s analytical nous and store of snappy gags mark him out…Excellent” – The Independent

David Deery (USA)
An old SSU favourite celebrates a triumphant return! David Deery is a standup comedian/writer who has toured throughout Europe and America. David has performed at the Utrecht International Comedy Festival, the Zulu Comedy Festival Copenhagen, and the Edinburg Fringe Festival. He was our Spotlight Berlin a while back and has also appeared in our Talentschmiede.
“Like getting smothered by a dirty diaper.” – Jeff Clark, Singer, Demons Claws. Hellshovel

Imran Yusuf (UK)
Our headliner Imran Yusuf is renowned as a skillful raconteur who seamlessly weaves socio-political satire with heartfelt introspection in his charmingly endearing trademark styling. Languid, punchy, cheeky and utterly loveable, Imran has established himself as a truly unique voice in the world of comedy. With his rich multicultural background, Imran has become an original voice that embodies the multi-cultural wealth that exists in modern Britain.
“Sharp, passionate and uplifting” – Telegraph

Spotlight Berlin: Vincent Pfäfflin (Germany/USA)
Vincent is another Quatsch veteran, having performed as the Berlin Spotlight in 2015 and in our Talentschmiede. Vincent is a German who spent his childhood in the U.S. He has won several comedy prizes, including the RTL Comedy Grand Prix, and has had two successful tours of Germany. In his performances, he shares his observations of everyday life and his particular experiences with the German language. It’s great to have him back!
“Not very lively, but very funny” – Radio Bremen