Quatsch in English

Strictly Stand Up – The English Comedy Night

hosted by Christian Schulte-Loh

Get your London and New York comedy feeling now live here in the city: Exclusively for Strictly Stand Up we’re having first-class club comics from all over the world fly to Berlin for one night only!

Look forward to:

Isak Jansson (Sweden)
One of our favourite international acts returns. Isak is a highly popular headliner on the fast growing European circuit. He has spread Swedish comedy to countries around the world: Russia, India, South Africa, China and many others. His style mixes observational comedy with an absurdist touch, all in a high energy physical stage persona. “Made the audience laugh out loud!” (Savon Newspaper, Finland)

Radu Isac (Romenia)
In his native Romania Radu worked as a professional act for about 9 years, being known as a comedians‘ comedian. Then, in 2015, he moved to London and started from zero. After about two years, 9 competition finals and 3 BBC appearances, Radu now proudly calls himself the poorest professional comedian in Britain. We call him one of the funniest and most original ones.

Pete Johansson (Canada)
What a headline act! Where do we even begin? With his hilarious Netflix special? With his TV and Hollywood career? With his storming festival performances in Edinburgh and Montreal? Let’s focus on the jokes.
Pete tells extremely funny stories, gets you hooked from the start and makes you laugh heavily.
Good stand-up comedy should be like jazz, it just flows naturally. And Pete’s comedy is the perfect example for that. We’re thrilled to have one of comedy’s finest jazz artists at our club. “Supremely Entertaining!” (The Independent)

Spotlight Berlin: Marne Litfin (USA)
Originally from New York, Marne has been living in Berlin for 7 years. Praised by promoters, fellow performers and audiences alike, she is making her Quatsch debut. Before becoming a comedian and entering the world of start-ups, Marne was a farmhand and once worked on a barge in the Hauraki Gulf, harvesting mussels. She’s now setting out to harvest the laughs.