Quatsch in English

Strictly Stand Up – The English Comedy Night

hosted by Christian Schulte-Loh

We’re expecting another hot summer in the city and we want to make sure you start it off with a bang. So we’ve invited three Quatsch veterans for command performances, plus a hot local act for our Berlin Spotlight, all of whom are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone!

Look forward to these fabulous comedians:

Maureen Younger (UK)
Maureen is frank, fast, feisty, sharp and engaging, known for her quick wit and sharp audience interaction. In Britain she is one of the few (if only) comedians who works regularly on the mainstream, urban and gay comedy circuits. She is also a fluent German speaker, albeit with an odd Austrian accent. 
“If you have been lucky enough to see her perform you will be fully aware of just how funny and infectious this woman is.” (Time Out Berlin)

Matt Devereux (CAD)
Matt is in love with Germany – and we are in love with Matt. Originally from Canada, he’s lived in Deutschland for the last 25 years. Why? ‘Because it was too easy anywhere else’. So get ready for some excellent jokes about life in Germany, told in the most charming Canadian way. We’re excited to have the funniest Bavarian Canadian on the show.

Jen Brister (UK)
Jen is an instant success with every audience: she’s witty, extremely likeable and hilariously self-deprecating. So it’s no surprise all major comedy clubs book her on a regular basis.
Being half-Spanish, half-British, Jen’s comedy is highly international and just perfect for expat gigs and festivals around the world. Jen has been doing stand-up for more than 15 years, so you can expect a hilarious comic who has quite a few stories to tell…
“Outrageously Funny” METRO

Toby Arsalan (Berlin Spotlight)
Toby is a German-Pakistani stand-up comedian who writes, performs and procrastinates in Berlin. He’s toured four continents, he’s been featured on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle, and he’s opened for Judah Friedlander, Godfrey and Tom Rhodes. It’s a real treat to have him representing Berlin tonight.