Get your London and New York comedy feeling now live here in the city: Exclusively for Strictly Stand Up we're having first-class club comics from all over the world fly to Berlin to perform their funniest sets!

The top class line up changes from show to show but is always hosted by London-based German comedian Christian Schulte-Loh. Known for his „hilarity factor“, he guides the audience through the evening. And now Strictly Stand Up also includes a spotlight Berlin act: the unique chance to see a hot local talent.

Roger Monkhouse (UK)

“Roger Monkhouse has an almost indecent supply of talent” (Time Out) which makes him one of the most original and distinctive acts on the comedy scene. Also one of the most laid-back ones. He employs a deadly combination of charm and menace to exert a masterful control over any audience. “His laconic delivery shields an engaging persona and an enquiring mind.” (The Guardian)

Matt Price (UK)

Matt is known for having some of the most extraordinary and outrageous stories drawn from the wilder side of life. And yet he brings real warmth and heart to his tales - as well as finding some audacious laughs in the most unexpected places. “Matt’s material is truly brilliant. His stories are well put together, excellently told, and wonderfully funny.” (Broadway Baby)

Tom Lucy (UK)

The youngest comedian ever to grace our show. Just nineteen years old, Tom is already taking the UK comedy circuit by storm. His looks make you expect young and innocent comedy, but he surprises the audience with some wonderfully edgy material. Catch this natural talent now, because he definitely is “A Future Comedy Star!” (The Surrey Advertiser)

Spotlight Berlin: René Marik

René Marik, the man behind the mole, is a graduated puppeteer, actor and musician. His mole is a cult figure in Germany – blind, choleric, slightly moronic and with a ravishing speech defect he is desperately looking for love. He took millions of Internet users by storm and excited thousands of live audiances. After a hiatus René and his mole are now back on stage - this time in english!

Al Pitcher (NZL)

Originally from New Zealand, Al began his standup career in London in 1999. His observational comedy quickly won him awards, got him on TV and made him a circuit favourite. "Every show is New, every show is unique." (GQ Magazine) "Al Pitcher is taking observational comedy to places it has never been, both literally and metaphorically" (The Scotsman)

Magnus Betnér (SWE)

A social critic and stand-up superstar in his native Sweden, Magnus has become a cult hit on the English speaking comedy scene in recent years. If you like your comedy dark, edgy and smart, you'll love his act. Magnus is not mainstream, he is no crowd-pleaser, yet he makes massive arenas laugh – and the crowds leave pleased and happy.

Mark Maier (UK)

A very German name brings you some outstanding British comedy! Expect a highly witty and spontaneous opening to the show. His German heritage and immense talent for accents guarantee a tailor-made set, which will entertain comedy lovers from Germany and abroad equally. "A multi-talented, mercurial comedian" (The Independent)

Spotlight Berlin: Tamika Campbell

First she took Manhattan, then she took Berlin. Originally from New York, Tamika has performed all over the world and is now one of the established names on the fast-growing Berlin comedy scene. Tamika performs in both German and English and is know for her high energy performances. See how it sometimes takes a New Yorker to show you the real madness of Berlin...

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