Get your London and New York comedy feeling now live here in the city: Exclusively for Strictly Stand Up we're having first-class club comics from all over the world fly to Berlin to perform their funniest sets!

The top class line up changes from show to show but is always hosted by London-based German comedian Christian Schulte-Loh. Known for his „hilarity factor“, he guides the audience through the evening. And now Strictly Stand Up also includes a spotlight Berlin act: the unique chance to see a hot local talent.

Charlie Baker (UK)

One of our most popular headliners returns! Charlie performed at Strictly Stand-up in February 2015 and absolutely brought the house down. You kept asking for it, so we're bringing him back. His mix of stand-up, singing and silliness make him an instant hit with every crowd.

Fredrik Andersson (SWE)

Fredrik is an razor-sharp Swedish stand-up comedian. His comedy follows the world famous Scandinavian school of design: his jokes are perfectly engineered, well crafted, extremely popular, highly likeable – and then, they hit you with a surprise edge. His show “Serial Joker” won the prize of best show of 2015 at the Swedish Stand-up Comedy Awards.

Jen Brister (UK)

Jen is an instant success with every audience: she's witty, extremely likeable and hilariously self-deprecating. So it's no surprise all major comedy clubs book her on a regular basis. Being half-Spanish, half-British, Jen's comedy is highly international and just perfect for expat gigs and festivals around the world.

Spotlight Berlin: Daniel Stern

Daniel Stern is a Berlin based American comedian and screenwriter. With absurd observations sewn together by threads of unhinged wit, Stern’s performances are a frayed quilt of hilarious anarchy, earnest confessions and stories about riding the bus.

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