Comedy sans frontières

A rare chance to see some of the world's best-loved comics show their unified support for peace and tolerance across borders. They will show that laughter is one of the greatest ways to celebrate and promote diversity. To be a part of this unique event and witness the best comedy has to offer, book early.

Eddie Izzard (UK)

Eddie Izzard is one of the world's most respected comedians. He has performed sell-out shows all over the world, including Madison Square Garden and The Hollywood Bowl. His show Force Majeure is the largest comedy tour ever and will eventually have visited more than 29 countries. Eddie performed his shows in French, German and Spanish.

Michael Mittermeier (GE)

Michael Mittermeier is widely hailed as the pioneer of German stand-up and has performed more than 4,000 live shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His unique comedy has become a trademark amongst Germans. The "Global Bavarian" was also the first German comic to perform in English around the world: touring the UK, America, South Africa & Canada.

Yacine Belhousse (FR)

Yacine Belhousse is the Cosmopolitan Frenchman at the forefront of a new generation of comedy currently burgeoning in Paris. From Batman to cheeseburgers and dragons, Yacine touches on all the typical French subjects including cheezy-garlic-baguettes with berets. But most of all he wants to know: "Voulez-vous laugh-ez avec moi ce soir?”

Francesco de Carlo (IT)

Francesco de Carlo is an award-winning comic and a regular fixture on the Italian comedy scene, hosting a daily radio show, appearing on national TV and performing regularly live across the country. He will guide you on a hysterical journey through politics, love, sex, food, laziness and other Italian specialties. Whatever you think about Italians, he will make you change your mind.

Igor Meerson (RU)

Igor Meerson is proud to be part of the very first generation of stand up-comedy in Russia. A popular face on TV and film across Russia, in his show, Meerson recants tales of his own childhood in the Soviet Union and life now in modern-day Russia. He was named one of GQ's ‘Five new faces of Russian humour’.

Alex Edelman (USA)

Alex Edelman is one of the comedy industry’s fastest rising young stars – fresh, original, and endearing, with each performance. He already has become a regular at many NYC comedy clubs – performing countless times alongside comics like Louis CK, Chris Rock, and Jerry Seinfeld – he has accumulated a reputation as one of the United States’ brightest young exports.

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